Fierce Fit & Tested

Do you have what it takes to become a Revolutionary FIT WARRIOR and earn your DOG TAG by passing Basic Training? Our one-of-a-kind fitness program is designed to keep each individual person accountable in order to become a true Revolutionary FIT WARRIOR.  Periodically the Revolutionary FIT Warrior Physical Fitness Test (RFWPFT) will be administered on a specified date for which the participant will be scored in order to determine their level of achievement (Basic, Advanced, or Elite).  Thus, each participant will be categorized and receive appropriate rewards for their individual achievements. 

What is the Revolutionary FIT Warrior Method Program?

Our program is what we refer to as a Two-Component model for which we focus on Strength & Conditioning (Bootcamp & Cross-training) and Nutrition to ensure our clients are both Physically & Nutritionally FIT! Essentially, our program is a Life-style change that is incomporated to teach our clients on how to maintain a healthy life-style for the remainder of thier lives. Also we view both Exercise and Nutrition as a form of medicine that can prescribed to help individuls prevent or deal with a specific disease.

Warrior Recruiting Program

For every new Recruit that signs-up for a full membership the Recruiter will receive 25% to 50% off their membership the following billing period. In addition, Top Recruiters will be eligible to receive other bonuses and will be recognized for their efforts on a monthly and quarterly basis.

Unleash your INNER WARRIOR Today!