“A couple of years ago doctors told me that the foot and ankle issues I had which were causing me to lose my balance and fall would lead to more and more limited mobility.  I was told that I would soon lose most of my mobility.  I decided to try and change that and signed up with Tony to gain strength and delay the loss of my mobility. Within a few weeks, I had gained strength and balance.  My family and co-workers all commented on how much better I was moving.  When my issues required extensive surgery, Tony helped me work on upper body strength to keep me moving even while using a walker and knee scooter. By customizing every workout to my needs and abilities, Tony has helped me gain strength and confidence in my mobility. Tony has brought me from a prognosis of a wheelchair to looking forward to many more years of walking and playing with my grandchildren.  Thanks to Tony, I am now strong and confident.”   -Patti R.

"Working out with Tony at Revolutionary Fitness is never boring and can be both fun and challenging. Tony seems to know just how much to push me and equally important, when not too. The results have been astounding. I am stronger, my balance has improved and I feel more coordinated. Also because of Tony”s education, I have a better understanding of the most current research in exercise physiology. For anyone serious about getting fit, not just working out, I can easily recommend that you talk with Tony to find out how he can help you achieve your fitness goals." -Leslie M.